Winter at Last!

Winter 2011 has been very unusual. The drought from the summer (no significant rainfall since the beginning of July!) continued through until now, along with very warm days.

This photo was taken on Jan 12th


I love this thermometer…Celsius and Fahrenheit. My mother brought it in a suitcase…perfect since I still can’t wrap my head around metric temperatures or length measurements. My mother knows me well.

View from our driveway…there is usually snow on the Sibillinis all winter, like this.


We need rain, but not too much at once please. The soil here is clay and when it’s so dry (as in after a dry period) and it rains hard, the water just runs off into the rivers, and once the soil is saturated, any more rain becomes mud slides. Every year we’ve had mud slides, closing roads and such, but last year was notable, causing millions of Euros of damage and even a couple of tragic deaths. All this right before the drought.

So you see, when it rains I get nervous and pray for just the right amount, delivered slowly and evenly.

Today is Feb. 3, and much of Italy is covered in snow, including now us!

View from Carassai with a dusting of snow


They predict more snow for the next 2 weeks, but at this point I think the predictions are sketchy at best.

Snow here is beautiful and a bit funny too. Quite a few people have various types of palm trees in their gardens, which make me giggle when I see them covered in snow.

Our lavender field…looks like little houses to me


Now I better get out in the cold to shake the snow off of our newly planted cypresses, the daisies that are in full bloom and my beloved bougainvillea!


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