Wine Bottling – A Fun Day at Our Friends Winery in Le Marche, Italy

In the old days, farmers gathered together to help each other with various big chores, chores that need a lot of people. Here in central Italy, in the Le Marche region we carry on the tradition, having fun, sharing stories and laughs together.
Bottling the superb wine of the Fiorano estate is just one of those events!
Fiorano is owned by Paolo and Paola, friends, colleagues and of course, wine makers whose winery and vineyard is on the next hill over from us, in the countryside of Cossignano.

Here’s a silly video I made of the day:

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A traveling wine bottling machine that sits as a trailer on a truck comes to the winery, where we all pitch in, folding boxes, taping boxes, putting the bottles into boxes and so forth. The wine is usually bottled at the end of winter, in February or March when it’s still cold outdoors.
Of course in true Italian style, after a hard day with the noisy machine we all sit down to a wonderful dinner where we eat, exchange stories and enjoy the wine we just bottled!

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  • Great! We have a mobile abbatoir in the county but I don’t think we have a mobile wine bottling machine – I could see that being very popular here!

    • I wonder if there is one in your area. Small to medium sized wineries here rely on them as the machinery to bottle is exorbitantly expensive. This way, everyone wins, the guy who invests in the machine and the truck to cart it around, and the vineyards who can bottle their wine for an acceptable price, keeping the finished price of the wine down as well.

  • Debra MAJDA

    I have been following you you for sometime now. Your stories are wonderful. Your place looks amazing, and here’s my question. Did you start out in Italy or are you an American who made a big change and gave it all up for the amazing life you lead. I love it all from start to finish. It’s not to often I think I would like to change places with someone, but I think it may be you…Debra Majda

    • Hi Debra. Thanks so much for the support, it means a lot to me! The answer to your question is a bit mixed. I was born in NYC, but at age 7 moved to Europe, first England, then Rome. I raised my children in Wisconsin (22 years!) I came here 6 years ago wanting a huge shift in my life. So I bit my lip and did. I’m not sure changing places is ever a good idea. My life is actually mostly just hard work, like most people’s lives. Maybe I should write about my decision to come here, I am so glad that I found the strength to make a big change in my life.

  • Roberto

    I live in Le Marche too, not too far from Elizabeth, and it’s interesting to see and to read about Italian tradition, expecially through the eyes of a foreigner. It’s also a pleasure to recognize some well known faces in the video, as “Roberto il buono”!! By the way, good choice, Le Marche is still a good place to live, as beautiful as Tuscany, but less touristic, still, with good wines, like pecorino for examples. I didn’t know Fiorano’s winery, looks like it worths a visit, and a taste.

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