Wild Greens Video #2…and a Note on Sapa

Here is the second video I made with our friend Roberto. This shows the 2 raw dishes we made the day we went collecting wild greens and herbs at his house. You can see the first video of gathering wild greens and herbs here.

In the salad dressing we used a syrup called “sapa” which I made last September during the grape harvest.

After the grapes are mushed (or is that mashed?) for making wine, some of the resulting grape juice is then very slowly boiled down into a thick syrup, sort of like a Mediterranean maple syrup!

I had a huge pot of the grape juice and it cooked all day.  It keeps for a long time and is used as a sweetener in baked goods, as a flavor enhancer in dishes like roast pork and is absolutely delicious with some terrific olive oil and a tiny bit of lemon juice over a salad.

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