Middle School Field Trip at the Farm

Recently we hosted a class of 7th graders for a day’s field trip at the farm. This trip had been rescheduled several times due the truly rotten weather we’re having this spring, but we decided to go ahead, rain or not!

Learning to plant vegetables with the math teacher.


Devoted to Roses

I love roses. I just can’t get enough of them. yes, they are work…these beautiful plants are subject to fungi and nasty critters; they need to be pruned, deadheaded and given ample amounts of manure in order to display their best. I think it’s worth it.

Pierre de Ronsard, a showstopping climber


Summertime Outdoors Handmade Soap

I am hooked on making soap.

The difference between a quality homemade soap and anything I’ve ever bought in a store, including quite fancy expensive soaps is huge. Our homemade soap doesn’t dry out my skin like other soaps. Hans has been using it as a shaving cream, he says it works better and leaves [...]

Wine Bottling – A Fun Day at Our Friends Winery in Le Marche, Italy

In the old days, farmers gathered together to help each other with various big chores, chores that need a lot of people. Here in central Italy, in the Le Marche region we carry on the tradition, having fun, sharing stories and laughs together. Bottling the superb wine of the Fiorano estate is just one of [...]

Handmade Soap with Olive Oil

We’ve been busy making soaps. Why? Because once you try a high quality handmade soap made from luxury oils like olive oil, you’ll never use a commercial soap again. No kidding. Your skin will thank you.

Finished handmade olive oil soap with lavender

I’ve had a rough few months as I’ve been repairing and [...]

Traditional Bobbin Lace Making in Offida, Le Marche

Traditional handmade bobbin lace has been made for centuries in Le Marche, and most notably in a beautiful medieval village called Offida, a lovely medieval village just two hills from home.

Fortunately today there are still women who make this beautiful art, and you can visit them and buy pieces of lace. It’s a [...]

Homemade Lavender Rose Olive Oil Beeswax Body Butter

My skin gets quite dry in the winter. Fed up with expensive creams and not happy with the inexpensive creams because of all the chemicals in them, I decided to make my own moisturizing cream.


Finished Body Butter