Making Extra Virgin Olive Oil

It’s been a very busy time since I last wrote!

Hans has been busy first making wine (another post, coming soon) and now for the last 6 weeks, he’s been busy picking our olives and making extra virgin olive oil.

I just made live a whole new website for the boutique (You can see it [...]

Wine Bottling – A Fun Day at Our Friends Winery in Le Marche, Italy

In the old days, farmers gathered together to help each other with various big chores, chores that need a lot of people. Here in central Italy, in the Le Marche region we carry on the tradition, having fun, sharing stories and laughs together. Bottling the superb wine of the Fiorano estate is just one of [...]

Photo of the Moment: New Barn Doors

Hans has busy this last month making barn doors. The old metal ones no longer closed. I think they look really great, not to mention they open and close smoothly, what a difference…Bravo Hans!

Looking like the carpenter he is…

And being the silly guy he is…

So many projects, so little time…


Sunset Tonight

Ah, one of things I love about winter here at our farm in Le Marche is the sunsets. I really don’t understand the physics; maybe because there is less humidity in the air (someone fill me in please) but regardless, it seems the colder weather brings us spectacular shows almost nightly.

This evening it [...]

New Trees and Shrubs: Take 2

As promised, here a few photos from the forest department nursery. Wouldn’t you know it…the day before, when I forgot my camera, it was glorious sunny day. The next day, camera in hand, it was the darkest, gloomiest day we’ve had yet this season.

Dark and kind of spooky

I spent the day making [...]

New Trees and Shrubs Take 1

For the last 4 years Hans and I have been buying and planting trees and shrubs that we get from the forest department in Amandola. The forest department here in Le Marche has four different places dedicated to growing plants that are either indigenous to the area or simply do well here.

Yesterday we borrowed [...]

Collecting Lavender Honey

In an effort to catch up on all the things I didn’t write about this summer, today I want to share some photos of the first lavender honey, which was so good it’s all gone!

Rainer and Linda checking the bees

As you might remember, our friends Rainer and Linda, bee keepers extraordinaire put [...]