April Storms


Oops. I meant to post this last month. It’s been so busy here at Lavanda Blu, I guess I just tucked this away in some place on the computer and forgot about it! Regardless, the photos are from a month ago, but the weather patterns are always the same no matter which month.

You [...]

Winter at Last!

Winter 2011 has been very unusual. The drought from the summer (no significant rainfall since the beginning of July!) continued through until now, along with very warm days.

This photo was taken on Jan 12th

I love this thermometer…Celsius and Fahrenheit. My mother brought it in a suitcase…perfect since I still can’t wrap my [...]

Sunrise and Sunset on the Opposite Hill

The other morning I woke early, even earlier than usual this time of year. I had a funny feeling in my belly, so rather than just languish in bed as is my usual M.O. I got up, threw a sweater on and opened all the curtains.

The sky was just beginning to go from dark [...]