Wild Greens Video #2…and a Note on Sapa

Here is the second video I made with our friend Roberto. This shows the 2 raw dishes we made the day we went collecting wild greens and herbs at his house. You can see the first video of gathering wild greens and herbs here.

In the salad dressing we used a syrup called “sapa” [...]

Edible Wild Herbs and Greens

The last day of March was a glorious sunny day, and both Hans and I decided to play hooky and spend it with our good friend and colleague Roberto.

Roberto owns a countryhouse on the next hill. A countryhouse in Italy is basically an official classification of a “struttura ricettiva” which means a place where [...]

Early Spring and a new video


It’s now officially Spring, but about 3 weeks before the calendar folks said it was so, our little corner of the world burst into spring; flowers popped up out of the mud, fruit trees budded, bees started buzzing about and all sorts of birds have returned, including one of our favorites, the civetta (a [...]

Making a youtube video for the first time

I’ve been spending the last few months re-making our Lavanda Blu website (would somebody please remind me next time I get this idea to re-make a website to think carefully, my goodness what a lot of work!)

Well, sifting through hundreds of photos in an attempt to choose some for the website, I thought why [...]