Photos on an early June morning

I woke early this morning and thought I’d dash outside in my PJ’s and take a few photos to share.

Early mornings here are so beautiful, there are so many flowers, the sunflowers are now knee high, the lavender is just starting to bloom and the wheat is turning from green to well, wheat color.


Early Morning Photos in May

Unable to sleep past 5 this morning, I thought I’d go out and take a couple of photos to share with you. May is, in my mind an extraordinarily beautiful month.

Every week something new is blooming.

Right now there is an explosion of color: roses, broom, elderberries, jasmine, acacias, poppies and so on….

Pierre [...]

And Even More Winter

We are now 6 days into this winter storm that has gripped most of Italy.

The news is grim. There are the usual predictions of hardships for agriculture as crops are frozen, price increases for all basic food stuffs, the increase in energy consumption and the heartbreaking tragedies, people stuck, isolated, even some deaths. [...]

More winter and contraptions

The other day I wrote about winter arriving at last. Now 3 days into it, boy oh boy are we having winter. You’d think all those years in Wisconsin would have toughened me up. Nope. Not even a teeny bit.

Most of Italy is having the storm we’ll be talking about for years. Many highways [...]

Slideshow of our agriturismo

I’ve just made another slideshow of photos from our agriturismo, some B&B rooms, the apartments, the campsite, the farm.

The first frame is a sunrise from just a few weeks ago. We have stunning sunrises and sunsets here!

Here it is:

Take another look at our agritusimo in this first slideshow of wonderful scenes [...]

Making a youtube video for the first time

I’ve been spending the last few months re-making our Lavanda Blu website (would somebody please remind me next time I get this idea to re-make a website to think carefully, my goodness what a lot of work!)

Well, sifting through hundreds of photos in an attempt to choose some for the website, I thought why [...]

Bougainvillea in December

When I lived in Wisconsin I always said to myself “I want to live someplace where I can grow bougainvillea”.

Well, here I am in Carassai. By most measures, it’s just a bit too cold and windy here in the winter to grow a bougainvillea, but nonetheless we planted one on the south side [...]