Acqua Santa…Looking for Water

It’s nearing the end of a HOT and busy summer season and Francesca returns to Rome soon for work and university. So we’ve been taking a few day excursions to have a few mini holidays.

The other day we went into the Sibillini Mountain National Park and took a hike that promised a waterfall at [...]

Pink Evening

Some photos of yesterday evening’s sunset. Soft billowy pink clouds in an indigo blue sky.

For about a half an hour it was if the heavens had painted our world pink, everything, the house, the gravel, the tress, all took on an intense pink tone.



Photos on an early June morning

I woke early this morning and thought I’d dash outside in my PJ’s and take a few photos to share.

Early mornings here are so beautiful, there are so many flowers, the sunflowers are now knee high, the lavender is just starting to bloom and the wheat is turning from green to well, wheat color.


April Storms


Oops. I meant to post this last month. It’s been so busy here at Lavanda Blu, I guess I just tucked this away in some place on the computer and forgot about it! Regardless, the photos are from a month ago, but the weather patterns are always the same no matter which month.

You [...]

Scarves and Textiles: Why an Online Shop?

People often ask why I started the boutique. The answer is simply: because my good friend Jhon in Madison (who owns an online shop, told me he thought I could and I should. This was in fall, 2005.

At the time I barely knew how to send e-mails, much less understand the internet and [...]


In the beginning of December my favorite plant nursery had a big party celebrating the forming of a cooperative along with some other plant nurseries. Unfortunately I had some kind of flu and was unable to attend. Boo Hoo.

So, once recovered, I popped in to congratulate them and hear all about it.

As part [...]

A Day at the Hospital

The alarm went off at 5 AM, not my idea of a great start to a day after a restless night and it’s December, the sun doesn’t rise until around 7AM!

The reason? We had a date at the hospital for a minor surgery for Hans.

We were supposed to be there at 7.

Overnight [...]