Penne with Green Onions and Fresh Mozzarella

Here’s a simple pasta dish to whip up quickly, the sauce takes less time to make than boiling the water and cooking the pasta!


Pasta Madre

“Pasta” in Italian literally means “dough” in English. Now of course the word “pasta” is also short for “pasta asciutta” (dried noodles), “pasta fresca” (fresh noodles) and “pasta all’uovo” (egg pasta) just to make sure that all people learning Italian are confused at all times.

Pasta madre on the other hand is “mother of dough”, [...]

Risotto con Funghi

I confess to a softness for risottos. They are so easy, quick; you dirty one pot, make a quick salad and bingo, dinner’s on the table!

We are still planting, gosh, I don’t know, lots and lots of plants. The days are still unusually warm…lately at lunch time it’s been 21°C (70°F). So, plant we [...]