Natural Organic Bread Making in the Sibillini Mountains

A few weeks ago, Hans and I were invited to a morning demonstration of bread making using natural yeast in the Sibillini mountains. Of course we said yes. In typical Italian style, a group of interested people show up someplace for a demonstration, then afterwards we all eat a huge lunch together. Do I need [...]

What’s in a Recipe Name?

Last night I made these wonderful…..what on earth should I call them?

Finished (fill in the blank) served on a bed of wilted escarole

They are rice supplì made with radicchio that are wrapped in paper thin slices of speck, baked and served on some wilted escarole. While I was making them I had [...]

Quiche, or is that Take Out?

“Whats for dinner tonight?” Years ago a friend of mine used to answer this oh so familiar question with “take out”. Now those of you who have been in the USA know that “take out” refers to going someplace, buying ready made food and bringing it home to eat. My friend on the other hand [...]

Recipe For a Lovely Gooey Flourless Chocolate Cake

Tobey, my sister in California asked for this after reading the last post.

Tobey is an amazingly creative woman who does so many things including art, tarot readings, writing and much much more. She has the energy to write 2 blogs:

and have a personal website:


I’ve had this recipe for [...]

Parmigiano Herb Cider Bread

Last weekend we had a group of friends over for a very untraditional Easter Monday lunch.

In Italy, the Monday after Easter is a holiday, and weather permitting, many people head out to the country, traditionally for a picnic, but today more often to a restaurant in the countryside.

My daughter was home for the [...]

Pasta Madre

“Pasta” in Italian literally means “dough” in English. Now of course the word “pasta” is also short for “pasta asciutta” (dried noodles), “pasta fresca” (fresh noodles) and “pasta all’uovo” (egg pasta) just to make sure that all people learning Italian are confused at all times.

Pasta madre on the other hand is “mother of dough”, [...]