Sunrise and Sunset on the Opposite Hill

The other morning I woke early, even earlier than usual this time of year. I had a funny feeling in my belly, so rather than just languish in bed as is my usual M.O. I got up, threw a sweater on and opened all the curtains.

The sky was just beginning to go from dark deep night blue to light.

Now it must be said that I’ve always liked the early morning light. It’s my favorite, the quality, the lucidity, the pinkish tint it gives everything….I also simply like the beginning of a new day, the silence and the peace as the sun begins to rise and turn our world light.

Well this day was different, and from inside the house I could feel something was different, but not see it, so I pulled on my heavy socks, grabbed a jacket to throw over everything and ventured outside.

Our front door faces west. And the sky to the west was pink, like a sunset, but different. So I put some wood on our heater, turned on the central heating and decided I should take a photo for Hans, who was quietly sleeping.

Italian sunset east le marche

Now, I don’t know about where you live, but sunrises in my life have always occurred in the East.

To the East it looked like this:

Sunset agriturismo

Pretty much a normal sunrise.


Well, the day was completely normal, but, come sunset Hans, who was working outdoors came to find me to show me the sunset……in the East. What an extraordinary day!

Italian sunset east

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