Photos on an early June morning

I woke early this morning and thought I’d dash outside in my PJ’s and take a few photos to share.

Early mornings here are so beautiful, there are so many flowers, the sunflowers are now knee high, the lavender is just starting to bloom and the wheat is turning from green to well, wheat color.


Flowers. Note the Jasmine climbing up the gazebo pillars….the scent is heavenly. I pass by the gazebo as many times as possible during the day.


Early morning sunlight as it hits the front veranda


The grassy area we fondly call the ‘Pine Garden”


The entrance to the herb garden with the new arch

View from Lavanda Blu

View towards the sea with the sun just beginning to burn off the night haze


The first lavenders to bloom…in front “hidcote” and the lighter color one in the back is a Spanish lavender called “dentata”

farm cats

Mamma Cat, Jesùs and Jeff circling around my feet wondering why on earth I’m taking photos instead of getting their breakfast

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  • Renske

    Hi Lisa and Hans, the countdown is started. Just 2weeks and 2 nights and we arrive at Lavanda. After seen these biautiful photo’s we can’t hardly wait. See you soon. Ciao Renske

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