Penne with Green Onions and Fresh Mozzarella


Here’s a simple pasta dish to whip up quickly, the sauce takes less time to make than boiling the water and cooking the pasta!

Green onions are in the garden now, I plant onions much too close together so that I can then take every other one out and use it as a green onion, leaving room for it’s neighbors to grow into fat onion bulbs.


In a spoon of best quality olive oil sauté some chopped green onions with a couple of whole dried hot peppers.


When the onions start to wilt, add some pure tomato pulp. Salt to taste and cook on medium heat until you see oil droplets on the surface, in all about 10 minutes.


While you’re doing that, put a pot of water on the stove to boil for the pasta.

Chop some fresh mozzarella cheese, the soft kind that is sold in water.

Cook the pasta until al dente, scoop out a cup of the hot starchy water before you drain the pasta, drain the pasta and mix with the sauce immediately.

If the pasta seems too thick, you can add a few spoons of the hot starchy water to make it a nice consistency. Careful…watery pasta is not nice!

Add the mozzarella and some fresh basil if you have it. Stir gently until the mozzarella melts and makes the whole dish melty and creamy.

Serve immediately.


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