Parmigiano Herb Cider Bread

Last weekend we had a group of friends over for a very untraditional Easter Monday lunch.

In Italy, the Monday after Easter is a holiday, and weather permitting, many people head out to the country, traditionally for a picnic, but today more often to a restaurant in the countryside.

My daughter was home for the holiday and I decided that we would have a southwest style American barbeque complete with corn bread, coleslaw (made with the first green onions and radishes) and a lovely gooey flourless chocolate cake with ice cream.

Very untraditional, but lots of fun.


One of our guests brought a bottle of hard cider and about a half a bottle was left over so I thought, if one can make beer bread (and one should as it’s very nice) why not cider bread? The result was delicious, a slight apple flavor with nutty whole wheat.

I added some grated Parmesan and fresh herbs and we ate it with a fresh salad made with our first beets from the garden.

Butter and flour an 8” loaf pan

In a bowl mix together:

1 cup white flour (I used kamut)

2 cups whole wheat flour

1 soup spoon sugar or honey

1 soup spoon of baking powder

1 small spoon salt

1 cup grated Parmesan or any hard cheese

2 soup spoons chopped fresh herbs

Mix in 12 oz of hard cider. As with all quick breads, do this with a spoon, not a mixer, and mix just until the liquid is absorbed by the dry ingredients.

Put it in the prepared pan and bake about 45 minutes in a medium hot (350F) oven until a toothpick inserted in the center comes out clean.

Cool on a rack and serve warm or room temperature. The next day it makes a wonderful toast.


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