New Trees and Shrubs: Take 2

As promised, here a few photos from the forest department nursery. Wouldn’t you know it…the day before, when I forgot my camera, it was glorious sunny day. The next day, camera in hand, it was the darkest, gloomiest day we’ve had yet this season.

snow covered sibillinis

Dark and kind of spooky

I spent the day making a huge circle…from our house to Ascoli Piceno to go to the huge cop shop to complete part 3 of 4 of requesting my permit to stay in this country. Once a year I do this. It involves lots of gathering of documents, paying fees and taxes and visits to this building in Ascoli where in a tiny room filled with immigrants like me all patiently waiting they take new fingerprints and process documents:

questura in ascoli piceno

The main cop shop in our province

Compared to 5 years ago, I must say the cops have become much more organized. The tiny room used to be packed like sardines with all of us waiting not having a clue who was first, or what to do. So it became a bit of a shoving contest.

They now have a system where you put your identification documents in a plastic basket and about once every half hour a cop comes into the waiting room, gathers the documents and eventually your name is called. It’s great. No more being packed like sardines and no more shoving. I no longer need Hans accompany me to help with the shoving bit. In fact, now that I think about it, that’s probably why the room used to be so full…filled with extra helpers to help with shoving.

amandola on a dark rainy day

Amandola seen from the nursery

From Ascoli Piceno, you can get to Amandola where the forest nursery is by winding through the mountains, the first stretch along the famous ancient roman Via Salaria road, the next through a barely traveled, newly asphalted road with new tunnels. I often wonder about these multi gazillion euro road projects on barely traveled roads…Umm a discussion for another day.

sibillini national park

Even on a dark day, the views of the Sibillini National Park are quite stunning

The nursery sits at the base of Amandola and is a place where you can get everything from big trees to tiny shrub shoots. All at remarkably low prices.

The boss guy has been living and working there for over 40 years. He keeps deer there, just for kicks and giggles because they are nice. He also seems to collect stray dogs. At present there are 5, including one huge beast that looks more a hairy bear that loves to lean on me, pushing me over and begging for a scratch behind his ears.

deer in the sibillni park

Deer families at the nursery

I love going to the nursery. It’s getting home that’s not as fun…Here’s the list of what we just finished planting (only because it makes my sore muscles feel better to write a list)

3 big cypresses

6 small cypresses

6 big wild cherry trees

2 enormous Thuyas

4 hazelnuts (we now have a hedge of hazelnuts)

1 Judas tree (now our 3rd..they are so stunning in the spring)

10 lilacs to complete the lilac hedge we started last year

6 rosa rugosa (have I mentioned that I now have a passion for rose growing? They grow well here!)

3  pomegranates (We had our first fruit from last years planting..I think I’ll be adding more as time goes on)

50 acacia trees

60 lavenders (a different type than we have)

and 50 shrub plants, privit hedge and viburnum

whew. All in the ground just in time as the first snowfall started yesterday afternoon while we were planting the last shrubs.





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  • Dorothée

    Dear Elizabetta, every time I see that there is a new writing of yours, I’m glad.
    Janbart and I are very interested in the wellbeing of you and Hans and in everything what’s going on at Lavanda Blu.
    Have a merry X-mas!
    Do and Jb

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