New Trees and Shrubs Take 1

For the last 4 years Hans and I have been buying and planting trees and shrubs that we get from the forest department in Amandola. The forest department here in Le Marche has four different places dedicated to growing plants that are either indigenous to the area or simply do well here.

Yesterday we borrowed a pick up and went to pick up this fall’s trees and shrubs and  today I return there to pick up the rest as they didn’t all fit.

Yikes. Why do I do this every year? Digging in our wet clay soil is no treat, and Hans who has to do the brunt of the hard digging really isn’t happy…

Every year we plant over 1000 plants, and every year our little farm becomes more and more beautiful. That’s why.

Amandola sits at the base of Monte Sibilla, which right now has the first snow fall clinging to her sides and yesterday was an amazingly beautiful day, but I of course forgot my camera. Typical. Today I’ll remember to bring it so I can share some photos with you.

Lets start with this morning’s sunrise:

sunrise in le marche

Our world to the East at 7AM

Same world, same time, but this time to the west, over our herb garden

More later…

I promise.

The camera is already in the car.



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