New Mens Scarves in the Boutique

I’m expanding my line of mens scarves for the boutique  Why? Because I keep falling in love with the fabrics I’m finding in Como for men. Mind you, women can wear many of these scarves too.

I love luxury fabrics. Period. For example, look at this one:

The Ostia. Merino Wool Men's Scarf

The Ostia. Merino Wool Men’s Scarf

It’s made from 100% wool, but honestly when I first touched it, I thought it was at least 50% cashmere. Go figure. I was fooled!

Italians have perfected the spinning and weaving of wool, so often it is so soft to the touch, and not scratchy, and it doesn’t pill the first time you wear it.

Look at this one:

Italian mens cashmere scarf in grey

The Orvieto – 100% Italian Cashmere Scarf

This scarf is so fine, it’s like a cross between a true pashmina and cashmere. One day soon I’ll explain about what a true pashmina is, my goodness there are a lot of mislabeled items in the market!

And, the last teaser for the evening, as it’s about that time that I head to the kitchen and figure out what to make for dinner….

Men's Silk Twill Lined with Cashmere Blend Reversible Scarf

Men’s Silk Twill Lined with Cashmere Blend Reversible Scarf

This one is a classic reversible mens scarf- silk twill on one side and a luxurious cashmere/silk/wool blend on the other. I had it made exclusively for the boutique.

And the best part? I was able to get all these scarves and others at very reasonable prices, so that means I can sell them for reasonable prices. Now whats not to love about that?

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