New Computer

Last week my computer fix it guy (whose business is aptly called the “Computer Doctor”) built me a new computer so of course some chunks of recent days have been spent trying to figure out what programs to download, what information I really need on the new computer from the old one, etc.


Thank goodness my son Nathaniel was visiting. He can accomplish in 30 minutes what would take me 30 hours. Can someone explain this?

Hans and Nathaniel Eating at a Restaurant on the Beach at Porto San Giorgio. I love eating on the beach. Period.


I think computers are like houses, if there’s space, one fills it. Cripes.


And just like houses, when you go through the attic you can find some pretty cool stuff.


In this case I found various folders with photos of Lavanda Blu during the years we spent fixing the place up. Mind you, it’s not that we’re finished fixing the place up, but boy what a difference!


We’ve been here 6 years now, and we have spent nearly everyday fixing, making, creating and renovating. Hans is the construction boss project manager, I’m the helper. We switch roles in the garden.


We’ve had help along the way from family and friends who spent their holiday helping us with big chores. We also had some exchange help, people who gave us a hand in exchange for room and board. Thank goodness for all of these people.


Nonetheless, with only the cats supervising, Hans and I have diligently worked like dogs transforming what appeared to be a wreak into this place we so fondly call home.


And since I found the photos, I thought over the next few weeks I’ll share with you some before and after photos:


Agriturismo Staircase Fall 2006

staircase-of-agriturismo italy

Same Staircase Summer 2011

Front of B&B as Seen from Driveway Fall 2006

Summer 2011


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