More winter and contraptions

The other day I wrote about winter arriving at last. Now 3 days into it, boy oh boy are we having winter. You’d think all those years in Wisconsin would have toughened me up. Nope. Not even a teeny bit.

Most of Italy is having the storm we’ll be talking about for years. Many highways are closed, including the main autostrada from Pescara to Rome. Rome is paralyzed, public transportation is at a complete halt. An area between Rome and Naples has been without electricity or water for 3 days (!)

It’s cold, as in -3oC (which is about -6oF). Now those of you in the Midwest, where I last lived, I know you’ll feel no pity, but to me it feels very cold! With the wind chill of course it’s much colder. Wind chill. And I thought that was a term we made up in the Midwest.

Here’s our vegetable garden


Funny how many people think it’s always warm and sunny in Italy…even though this particular cold snowy snap is unusual for the center, almost south of the country; we do have a real winter here every year, mild by Northern Europe standards, but real nonetheless.

We’ve got a lot of wind, which is blowing drifts, on the top of our driveway is a drift about 1.5 meters high (5 feet) and 20 meters long (65 feet).

Well, Hans being Hans, today built a snow plow contraption that he attached to the other contraption that our friend Jopie made for us last summer welding together old bits of iron we had hanging about. The Jopie contraption is terrific… we use it for all sorts of odd jobs, including hauling piles of manure from one area to another.

Here’s Jopie making our contraption


So, Hans and my daughter spent much of the afternoon yesterday plowing and shoveling.

And here they are working the contraption together:

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I think I’m very happy working indoors on the final touches of the new Lavanda Blu site ( before I make it live tomorrow!

2 comments to More winter and contraptions

  • Paula Santoni

    I love your new site!!! Keep it coming, we are from Upper Michigan and the snow looks all too familiar, my husband has relatives in Sassoferrato…we have visited 5 times, LOVE IT!!!

    • Thanks so much. I lived for many years in Wisconsin and this all too familiar. Honestly though, we are spoiled. We’ve had snow for less than 2 weeks and we are all complaining. I guess we’re just not used to or prepared for this.

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