Lavender Harvest in July 2011

Our lavender plants are young. We planted them in summer 2009. That’s another story for another day…

Lavender grows to its full size in about 3 years, so last summer (2011) they were only 2 years old, and fully mature. Regardless, they yielded an amazingly large quantity of flowers!

We harvested in 2 separate weeks, which turned out to be really nice as we had mostly 2 different groups of guests here. Many guests chose to help us, which meant getting up early (as in 6AM) because by 11AM it is just too hot to be picking lavender, and last summer was a very hot summer!

Here’s a video I made of the harvest. Our friends Richard, Gaby and Mario also came to give us a hand.

It was really fun to have the guests help, we ate snack together and lunch and drank loads of lemonade (and of course wine at lunch, we are, after all in Italy) while joking and getting to know each other.

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