Gola Fiastrone!

What to do when it’s been 40°c (104°f) for weeks on end?

Take a walk at Gola Fiastrone!

Summer 2011 was the hottest driest summer on record for…goodness knows how long.

So, towards the end of summer, right before Francesca had to return to Rome for University, we decided to take a day off and go someplace cool.

Really cool.There is this great place less than an hour’s drive from our place where you basically can walk in the COLDEST water I’ve ever felt. No kidding.

See http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gEWpwLsdtKg&feature=related for a video of other people doing this walk.

view at gola fiastrone walk

After a hike with beautiful views down, down, down to a valley, at some point you hear water, and believe me, this is a welcome sound.

Then you realize that to go anywhere other than back where you came from, you’ve got to actually walk in the water, and BRRRRR.

Here’s Francesca contemplating this wet feet business.

at waters edge

And here we are trying to warm our numb feet:

warming our feet

After several hours of cooling off, we decided to do what we always do….find a restaurant.

Well, not so far away we found one. A very green one. So green in fact, even the napkins were an alluring shade of green.

Here it is:

the green restaurant

Even our pasta took on a green shade….well at least green is a cool color!

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