Edible Wild Herbs and Greens

The last day of March was a glorious sunny day, and both Hans and I decided to play hooky and spend it with our good friend and colleague Roberto.

Roberto owns a countryhouse on the next hill. A countryhouse in Italy is basically an official classification of a “struttura ricettiva” which means a place where paying guests can stay.


We are classified as an “agriturismo” because we have a working farm. By law a countryhouse must be in the country, but doesn’t have to have a working farm.

Ah Italy, the land of bureaucracy, classifications and complicated laws.

Back to Roberto: he’s a psychiatrist working for the public health system whose heart is in the countryside. He knows oodles and oodles about the history of Le Marche and is passionate about the peasant traditions and history of this area. Needless to say, we became friends immediately and with time have become good friends.

Roberto knows a lot about wild herbs so we decided to spend the day together collecting and then cooking up these herbs.

Then we decided to make a little video, which actually is going to be 3 videos because one was just too long.

Here’s the first.

Stay tuned for the next 2 videos, as we then made 4 different dishes with these herbs which we ate with great wine in the sunshine and the next 2 videos will be the recipes.  You can find the next video with recipes from our gatherings here.

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