Early Spring and a new video


It’s now officially Spring, but about 3 weeks before the calendar folks said it was so, our little corner of the world burst into spring; flowers popped up out of the mud, fruit trees budded, bees started buzzing about and all sorts of birds have returned, including one of our favorites, the civetta (a small fuzzy owl that cries out for a male mate sounding like a cell phone who’s battery is dead. In fact, she’s been dubbed the “Nokia Bird” by a guest). In Italy there is a saying that when a woman gets all dolled up to go out, she’s “making like a civetta”

Here is a link to some really great photos of civettas http://www.nature-pictures.org/it/foto/149/1508/


All this spring activity is happening just a few short weeks after the worst winter storm in 30 years. Nature never ceases to amaze.

I damaged my back the other day while planting yet another embankment.

Now, planting embankments is pretty comical. There I am clutching onto the hill like a monkey clinging to its mother for dear life while pulling weeds and trying to dig a hole in this soil that is actually more like a rock as it’s pure clay. Invariably I slide into cactuses (I am so talented at pulling cactus spines out of me) or something that leaves burrs and sticky things all over me.

So, unable to go out to do more damage to myself for a few days, I decided to put the photos we’ve taken over the last 2 weeks and make a little video.

You Tube has a limited library of free music you can add to your video and of course I chose the allegro portion of the Spring concerto from Vivaldi’s Four Seasons because after all, I really am corny by nature.

4 comments to Early Spring and a new video

  • So beautiful. Thank you for sharing this with us. Also I want you to know we gave one of your scarves we revently purchased from you to our bishop, he fell in love with it and since he has spent many years in Italy, he wasn’t surprised at all where it came from. He’s a very sweet and good bishop.

    Many thanks

    Debbie Leal

    • Thank you. I’m so glad you like the scarves and glad your bishop does too! The Italian textile industry is struggling to hold on as they pride themselves in quality work and the market of course is flooded with quite the opposite. It’s always nice to meet people who appreciate quality. Happy spring!

  • Mairead Veitch


    Wish I was there.

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