Early Morning Photos in May

Unable to sleep past 5 this morning, I thought I’d go out and take a couple of photos to share with you. May is, in my mind an extraordinarily beautiful month.

Every week something new is blooming.

Right now there is an explosion of color: roses, broom, elderberries, jasmine, acacias, poppies and so on….

Pierre de Ronsard rose next to broom in full bloom…gosh what a lovely scent!


The first rose I planted, a cutting from my friend Gaby. I call it the Gaby rose. rose-bush-along-the-fence

The Jasmine gazebo with the red rose along the stairwell


Early morning sunlight with its long shadows


The upper lavender field with the lavender looking fuzzy from the morning dew. The plants are bright green now with the new stalks that will soon burst into flowers

green fields

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