Early December Sunrise

I woke this morning as I often do just as soon as the light in the bedroom turns from wow is it dark to dark deep grey. The quality of that dark deep grey light changes every day. Weird, but true.

I tried my best to pretend I didn’t notice the oncoming daylight, but I just never can fool myself, no matter how hard I try. So I quietly slipped on my trusty wooden Dr. Scholls and tiptoed (well not quite tiptoe in those wooden shoes) outdoors in my PJ’s with camera in hand thinking you’d enjoy a peek of our daybreak today as well.

2 comments to Early December Sunrise

  • Schilt Schouten

    Indeed, very very impressive. ( in dutch: heel heel erg mooi en indrukwekkend)
    i’m a little bit jealous, but here in Holland, we’ve a little bit of snow yet.


    Schilt, Annette en Olenka

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