Devoted to Roses

I love roses. I just can’t get enough of them. yes, they are work…these beautiful plants are subject to fungi and nasty critters; they need to be pruned, deadheaded and given ample amounts of manure in order to display their best. I think it’s worth it.

pink climbing rose

Pierre de Ronsard, a showstopping climber

I take cuttings from roses I find and like, plant them in the greenhouse in autumn and then in the garden in spring. It seems to take 2 years before they get big enough to be showy, and then by the third year they are amazing! Besides the roses from cutting, we have a few roses that I purchased and we have been gifted a few. I wonder if we’ll run out of corners to put them?

pink rose climbing along herb garden fence

A pale pink climber along the herb garden fence

Last week I made many jars of Rose Jelly which is delicious spread on toast. Last year I planted a hedge of 2 roses just for making jam: Gruss An Coburg and Abraham Darby. Both a pale pink/apricot color, both highly scented. The hedge is only a year old, but is already producing masses of flowers.

Gruss an Coburg, pefect for jam and potpourri

Gruss an Coburg, what a perfume!

Here are the roses ready for the jam pot:

Rose petal jelly

Almost too pretty to cook

I’m also drying rose petal in this really nifty herb drying rack from Germany, brought to me by our friends Rainer and Linda, the amazing bee keepers.

Drying rose petals for potpourri

Drying rose petals for potpourri

For the potpourri I’m going to mix the rose petals with lavender flowers, which, by the way are going to bloom soon!

climbing roses along fence of the barn

Sweet small climbing rose

I have a passion for climbing roses….I’m covering everything I can with them.

Roses and broom in bloom

Climbing roses on the fence along the drive. Notice the broom behind just starting to bloom!

There were 2 roses on our abandoned farm, both overgrown and in sad shape. We took them out, made cuttings and restarted them in new homes. This yellow climber used to be along the house wall:

A yellow climber that blooms once a year, but is so beautiful

A yellow climber that blooms once a year, but is so beautiful

And this very rustic fuchsia rose was hidden behind a stand of bamboo:

Amazing small fuchsia roses that bloom most of the season

Amazing small fuchsia roses that blooms most of the season

I make a liquor from a mix of roses, the largest percentage however from this red beauty:

The red rose that is ow along the front of the B&B

The red climbing rose along the front of the B&B

A year and a half ago I planted a small hedge of roses to experiment with distilling, Centifolia, Kazanlik and Quatre Saison. These are all very old types and are the most fragrant of all my roses. I plan to plant another hedge of these this autumn.

Centifolia rose hedge

The very old rose fragrant hedge. Notice our little tractor…yup. that’s me treating the roses with an algae to help keep the airborne fungi at bay!

This one is called tequila. It does not have a scent, but boy is she pretty!

This one is called Tequila. It does not have a scent, but boy is she pretty!

In the next few days I’ll take more photos of different roses and other flowers to share with you. I think this is the prettiest time of year, so much is blooming. The broom is just blooming now. Absolutely perfect timing as my mother is arriving today for a visit, and broom is one of her favorite plants!









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