In the beginning of December my favorite plant nursery had a big party celebrating the forming of a cooperative along with some other plant nurseries. Unfortunately I had some kind of flu and was unable to attend. Boo Hoo.

So, once recovered, I popped in to congratulate them and hear all about it.

As part of the decorations, they had lined an entire long walkway with beautiful mums in pots. Gorgeous color in a time of year where not much is flowering outdoors.

In Italy, chrysanthemums are associated with cemeteries, in fact, if you go to a florist and ask for them, they are wrapped in plain paper. They are for visiting the dead, they are not wrapped in the colorful papers and ribbons as all other flowers are, and you certainly never ever gift them!

My friends at the nursery decided to go against tradition and use the mums to decorate for their party and the interesting thing is, many of the guests loved them, had never thought of using them as a landscape feature and bought them!

On the path to the lavender field

Chrysanthemums on pathway to lavender field

There were tons left over and Giuseppe the owner asked me to load up as many as could fit in my car and plant them. They would not make it through the winter if they weren’t planted now.

I am often the lucky and grateful recipient of Giuseppe’s gregarious and generous nature.

Unable to resist, I loaded up the car and spent the entire drive home wondering where on earth to plant them.

Well, on top of the new flower bed Hans is building, between the baby Cypress trees and along the main path up to the lavender field is where they went. We see this area from our kitchen windows; it will be a lovely splash of color when everything around is brown.

Thank you Giuseppe!

The new under construction flower bed, the sticks mark where the baby cypresses are planted

new flower box of Chrysanthemums

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