Buying Scarves along Lake Como

These last couple of weeks I’ve been buried, and I mean buried in photographing the new scarves I just bought in Como. I’m not the smartest kid on the block when it comes to photography, and I so want the scarves to look like they really are…so you can only imagine my angst trying to get it right!

The little place I usually stay at was booked. Ah Lake Como, the tourist season there is long! Rocky, (yup, his name really is Rocky) the bartender at the bar/cafe under my usual B&B found me a nice place at a friend of his. It was such a lovely place, I want to share some photos.

B&B on lake Como

I felt right at home with the mannequin in the bedroom!

The original definition of a B&B here in Italy is a home that people live in which has up to 3 (no more) spare bedrooms to let out. People do what they they want of course and B&B can mean just about anything nowadays.

Following the original definition, this is a home with one spare bedroom that has a small adjacent room that I think used to be an open porch. It belongs to an interesting couple, he is a sailing race journalist, she is a textile designer. The house is full of the sorts of things that get my blood going: fabric samples, books on design, yarns and so on. All those…colors, textures. Textiles!

fabric samples for textile design

Rainy morning breakfast in the fabric sample room. That’s my son who was able to accompany me on this trip.

b&b on Lake como for buying silk scarves

Our host Emilio and son Nathaniel on the terrace

The house sits on the steep hills that flank Lake Como; one walks up the narrow and dangerous road from the little piazza, the you go up a steep cobblestone walkway which is lined with gates of peoples houses. It’s all very picturesque and green with one house almost built on top of the next.

Unfortunately Emilio’s wife was away during our stay, but I’m sure I’ll meet her sometime in the future. Emilio could not have been more accommodating, telling us entertaining stories about life in this little town and getting up early to serve us breakfast, even though I insisted we’d get our coffee at the bar. Italian bars are more like a coffee bar than an alcohol bar.

My day on these scarf buying trips start early. In the north of Italy people have a very different rhythm than here in central Italy where I live.

The work day in the manufacturing pants starts at 7:30-8 and finishes around 18-18:30 with only about an hour or hour and a half lunch break. Gosh, the restaurants are full at 19-19:30 whereas in central Italy one can expect a restaurant to open around 19:30 and be full at 21:30, and in the south even later!

view of lake como italy's silk scarf center

The slice of lake Como you can see from the terrace. What a wonderful view to awake to!




2 comments to Buying Scarves along Lake Como

  • George M Potsic

    I am interested in purchasing a paisley print blue silk/wool scarve with tassels.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated. I live outside of Los Angeles, California.

    Thank You.

  • Julie Jahn

    We were able to visit Lake Como on our April trip to Italy, it was so beautiful on the lake, and I loved browsing the scarf shops, wonderful!!!

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