Bougainvillea in December

When I lived in Wisconsin I always said to myself “I want to live someplace where I can grow bougainvillea”.

Bougainvillea flowering in december

Well, here I am in Carassai. By most measures, it’s just a bit too cold and windy here in the winter to grow a bougainvillea, but nonetheless we planted one on the south side of the house.

Here it is, blooming still, just a few days before Christmas!

Bougainvillea in december

This will be it’s 3rd winter. Last winter I almost lost it due to cold weather, snow, then warm weather then cold again, etc. So this year I piled about a meter high of straw around the base.

Well, at least I try. The cats seem to think that I created yet another yummy place to sleep, so I keep piling new straw, and they keep mucking it up.

I’m amazed how much it grew this year, especially since this spring it was looking, well, like it might not grow much at all.

Look at the silly branch in front of our window; from inside the house it looks great though:

Bougainvillea from our living room

So here’s to another winter, and with any luck in late spring she’ll flower again for a new season!

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