April Storms


Oops. I meant to post this last month. It’s been so busy here at Lavanda Blu, I guess I just tucked this away in some place on the computer and forgot about it! Regardless, the photos are from a month ago, but the weather patterns are always the same no matter which month.

You know the saying “April showers bring May flowers”, well this year we are having our share of April storms, much less showers!

Stormy sunrise this morning looking towards the sea


Whether patterns here in the hills are very unpredictable, even the most reliable weather sites change their predictions every couple of hours, and actually in our household it’s become a pastime to see what they predict say just 2-3 hours after we last checked, as it’s often quite different.

Clouds rolling in from the north, over the wild iris


We have weather fronts coming in from the mountains in the west, the sea in the east and of course, occasionally the cold fronts from as far north as Russia.

Dark, heavy clouds rolling in from the west, moments before a spectacular crash with the clouds from the north in the above photo


All this creates an unpredictable and crazy answer to the question “what’s the weather like in…” the honest answer is “beats me”

Of course, this being central Italy one can usually assume that much of the year it’s sunny, especially from April through October. When it rains it rarely lasts for days on end except in the winter months.

Spring storms are often quite dramatic, a lovely sunny day with blue blue skies can quickly change in less than an hour as weather fronts from the mountains crash into winds coming from the sea, creating oodles of rain on one hill, damaging hail on the hill to the right, and still blue skies on the hill to the left.

The clouds crash into each other, creating buckets of rain (I ran inside at this point!) Our friends on the next hill had buckets of hail instead.


Friends call each other asking if it’s raining/hailing/crazy wind blowing on the next hill. Sometimes I’ll be driving through what seems like flood waters in the valley, only to climb the hill to dry roads, and visa versa.

So, what’s the weather like? Beats me!

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