And Even More Winter

We are now 6 days into this winter storm that has gripped most of Italy.

The news is grim. There are the usual predictions of hardships for agriculture as crops are frozen, price increases for all basic food stuffs, the increase in energy consumption and the heartbreaking tragedies, people stuck, isolated, even some deaths. The center and the south of Italy are just not at all prepared for this.

We’re lucky. We have electricity and water (at least so far) and we burn wood and sansa for heat. We’re just stuck here unless we leave by foot.

Hans made a snow woman using items from the compost bucket for details.



I’ve made the new Lavanda Blu website live and have started the process of photographing the new spring collection of scarves for I’m quite happy to be working indoors!

Yesterday I walked up to the main road to see what was happening, if anything. I met the farmer at the top of the road, Peppe (otherwise known a “Sigaro” as he always has a stub of a cigar hanging in his mouth. Always.)

Peppe and his son were attempting to plow our main road with a snow plow on one of their big tractors. They actually made quite a difference, only to be snowed in once again.

Peppe told me that when he was a boy (not so long ago, he’s from 1958) winters had about 2-3 months of snow, and lots of it. About 20 years ago it all changed. He says the indigenous plants need the snow. I asked if he thought my succulents (of which I have many) would survive…he laughed (how do you laugh and keep a cigar firmly between your lips?) ah…don’t worry, they’ll re-grow from beneath the ground.

Well, I hope he’s right. In the meantime, we’ve been trying to find vegetables in the garden to pull out and eat right away. There was a lot of broccoli. Everything else is frozen solid. I wonder what the leeks will look like once I can pull them out?

Broccoli in our garden


The last few days I’ve made roasted broccoli, stir fry tofu with broccoli, vegetable medley with broccoli, buckwheat crepes with a broccoli and pancetta filling, pasta with broccoli (one of my favorite dishes from Puglia) and broccoli salad. There is still one meal’s worth of broccoli, I thought I’d make a soufflé but we’re out of eggs and milk.

I think I’ll sleep on it.

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