FamilyI’m Elizabeth, or Elizabetta as I’m known here in Italy. Born in NYC, raised in England and Rome. I live on an organic farm in one of the most beautiful areas of Italy, the southern part of Le Marche. I call it the prettiest, greenest corner of Italy.

With the help of several farm cats, Hans and I produce organic lavender and olive oil and have loads of flower gardens, herbs and of course a large vegetable garden. The farm is also an agriturismo (www.Lavandablu.com). We have B&B rooms, a couple of apartments and an agri camping. In short, lots to keep us busy year round!

In various chapters of my life I’ve worked as a mechanic, a professional chef and an interior designer. Careers that really aren’t as disparate as they might seem at first glance.

In 2006 my children were both off starting their adult lives. Feeling the need to search for a more expansive life, I came to Italy with a suitcase, a laptop and the female mannequin (her name is Isadora) that I use to photograph the scarves for my web boutique (www.elizabetta.net). Scared and uncertain as heck, I wet my finger and raised it to see which way the wind would take me.

The wind was gracious and kind and led me here. A place of astounding beauty where I am never bored and I can live my daily life doing all the things I love to do most.

I’ve been asked many times over the years to write about and share my experiences, recipes and so forth, so finally I’ve decided to give it a go. Welcome!