What’s for Lunch? Fried Flowers!

Springtime. My oh my it’s glorious!

We have several acacia trees and Elderberry (Sambuco) trees around us and everywhere.

The flowers of both are edible.

Fried Acacia Flowers


April Storms


Oops. I meant to post this last month. It’s been so busy here at Lavanda Blu, I guess I just tucked this away in some place on the computer and forgot about it! Regardless, the photos are from a month ago, but the weather patterns are always the same no matter which month.

You [...]

Early Morning Photos in May

Unable to sleep past 5 this morning, I thought I’d go out and take a couple of photos to share with you. May is, in my mind an extraordinarily beautiful month.

Every week something new is blooming.

Right now there is an explosion of color: roses, broom, elderberries, jasmine, acacias, poppies and so on….

Pierre [...]

The Garden Seedling Project, an Update

Some time ago I started seeds in damp paper towels ( http://lifeintheitalianhills.com/february-the-shortest-and-longest-month-of-the-year/) on the kitchen counter.

Overall a success, I’ve planted many of the tiny plants directly in the garden, but a cold front a couple of weeks ago killed my cucumbers and okra. Good thing I didn’t plant them all! Some seeds just didn’t [...]