Wild Greens Video #2…and a Note on Sapa

Here is the second video I made with our friend Roberto. This shows the 2 raw dishes we made the day we went collecting wild greens and herbs at his house. You can see the first video of gathering wild greens and herbs here.

In the salad dressing we used a syrup called “sapa” [...]

Recipe For a Lovely Gooey Flourless Chocolate Cake

Tobey, my sister in California asked for this after reading the last post.

Tobey is an amazingly creative woman who does so many things including art, tarot readings, writing and much much more. She has the energy to write 2 blogs:



and have a personal website:



I’ve had this recipe for [...]

Parmigiano Herb Cider Bread

Last weekend we had a group of friends over for a very untraditional Easter Monday lunch.

In Italy, the Monday after Easter is a holiday, and weather permitting, many people head out to the country, traditionally for a picnic, but today more often to a restaurant in the countryside.

My daughter was home for the [...]

Edible Wild Herbs and Greens

The last day of March was a glorious sunny day, and both Hans and I decided to play hooky and spend it with our good friend and colleague Roberto.

Roberto owns a countryhouse on the next hill. A countryhouse in Italy is basically an official classification of a “struttura ricettiva” which means a place where [...]