Scarves and Textiles: Why an Online Shop?

People often ask why I started the boutique. The answer is simply: because my good friend Jhon in Madison (who owns an online shop, told me he thought I could and I should. This was in fall, 2005.

At the time I barely knew how to send e-mails, much less understand the internet and [...]

Oh my, Winter Squash!

Oh my, we have winter squash….lots of it!


In our summer garden in 2011 we grew mostly heirloom vegetable varieties that we started from organic seeds in the fabulous greenhouse that Hans built.

Now, I love vegetables, the fresher the better. We live in an area where I can (and do) buy vegetables from [...]

Silk Reversible Men’s Scarves

Classic reversible silk scarves lined with wool are very popular. They dress up any mens wear, whether a traditional suit or jeans and a sweater/blazer.

There is a small manufacturer in Como who makes the finest men’s scarves that are exclusive to my shop.

It’s great going there. I’m presented with the newest fabric prints [...]

Truffle Hunting in The Sibillini Mountains

In late October we went on a truffle hunt with our guests.

Led by our friend Moreno, a young man who offers a service providing fun things to do in our area, off we went into the mountains of the Sibillini National Park to his friend Alberto’s family homestead.

Many families plant various types of [...]

Pizza Day, Summer 2011

We are so fortunate to live nearby one of Italy’s greatest pizza joints, Pizzaria Mamma Rosa.

Marcello, the owner and fellow who makes the pizzas is a bit like me, what my sister has rightfully described as a food snob. He only uses local fresh ingredients and his dough is made with a natural starter, [...]

Pasta Madre

“Pasta” in Italian literally means “dough” in English. Now of course the word “pasta” is also short for “pasta asciutta” (dried noodles), “pasta fresca” (fresh noodles) and “pasta all’uovo” (egg pasta) just to make sure that all people learning Italian are confused at all times.

Pasta madre on the other hand is “mother of dough”, [...]

Christmas Baking in Le Marche

As in all places, there are special foods made around Christmas.

Perhaps my very favorite is a specialty of our region called Fristingo or Frustingo.

It has it’s history in peasant cooking…you took what you had on hand, added a few expensive treats and voilà you have a Christmas treat.

Farmers had, of course [...]