Sunrise and Sunset on the Opposite Hill

The other morning I woke early, even earlier than usual this time of year. I had a funny feeling in my belly, so rather than just languish in bed as is my usual M.O. I got up, threw a sweater on and opened all the curtains.

The sky was just beginning to go from dark [...]

A Day at the Hospital

The alarm went off at 5 AM, not my idea of a great start to a day after a restless night and it’s December, the sun doesn’t rise until around 7AM!

The reason? We had a date at the hospital for a minor surgery for Hans.

We were supposed to be there at 7.

Overnight [...]

Andrea Bocelli and Italian Fashion

The other night there was a transmission on the telly of Andrea Bocelli’s concert in September in Central Park.

Now, I’m not a big fan of the telly, but this was pretty good. Looks like it was cold and rainy, not so nice for the guests!

Midway through the concert, Bocelli did one of those [...]

Gola Fiastrone!

What to do when it’s been 40°c (104°f) for weeks on end?

Take a walk at Gola Fiastrone!

Summer 2011 was the hottest driest summer on record for…goodness knows how long.

So, towards the end of summer, right before Francesca had to return to Rome for University, we decided to take a day off [...]


It’s 17:30 and I’ve just come inside from planting roses. Very old varieties of scented roses which I hope will become a hedge.

It gets dark around 17:30 at this time of year. The days have been warm and sunny with the damp air of autumn. Perfect for planting, not too hot, not too cold.


Planting trees late Fall, 2011

Hans and just came home with quite a few large trees and shrubs to plant.

Look, our good friends Paolo’s “furgò” filled with trees and shrubs.


In Italy we have several different law enforcement agencies.

The Forestale is one of them; they occupy themselves with issues related to the land and plants.

Here [...]

Risotto con Funghi

I confess to a softness for risottos. They are so easy, quick; you dirty one pot, make a quick salad and bingo, dinner’s on the table!

We are still planting, gosh, I don’t know, lots and lots of plants. The days are still unusually warm…lately at lunch time it’s been 21°C (70°F). So, plant we [...]